Although she may not be as ripe for comedy as 'Ol Spicey Baby, Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders does plenty to get herself in bother on a regular basis.

Take, for example, this little moment involving the Thanksgiving turkey pardoning. On her Twitter, Sanders made a fun comparison between herself and CJ Cregg, the Press Secretary - and later Chief of Staff - in The West Wing, the celebrated political drama series.

For anyone who hasn't watched The West Wing, the administration in the White House are Democrats - and pretty liberal ones at that. In other words, drawing a line between the Trump White House and the fictional-and-totally idealistic Bartlett White House really requires a detachment from reality that you only get for working from the guy from Home Alone 2.

Here we are. Here's Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet.

Not surprisingly, both Bradley Whitford, who played Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, and Allison Janney,  who played Press Secretary CJ Cregg, turned up to point out how full of bullshit Sanders was.



If we're gonna compare the current White House to any TV show, it's either going to be The Twilight Zone, Dinosaurs!, The Muppet Show or maybe The Walking Dead.

Either way, it's a terrible show and deserves to be cancelled.


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