Whether you like it or not, 'And Just Like That...' is coming back for a second season.

It's fair to say that the first one wasn't what most people might have expected, but teasers for season 2 include the return of Carrie's former flame Aidan - so hopes are high for a storyline that's a little juicier this time around.

Another person who'll be making an appearance in S2 is none other than pop star Sam Smith.

The non-binary star, who has recently been accused of promoting Satanism after their Grammys performance of 'Unholy' with Kim Petras, posted a teaser to Instagram that tagged the series and was captioned 'Up to something unholy on set.'

It's not yet known whether Smith will play themselves or another character entirely - but with Season 2 expected to be available to stream this summer, we won't have to wait too long to find out.