Sacha Baron Cohen, the man who played Ali G, Borat and Bruno, has been keeping very quiet the last couple years, but if his 4th of July tweet is anything to go by, that's not for much longer.

The actor/comedian tweeted out a video featuring Donald Trump giving out about him saying; "Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school! Learn about being funny."

The teaser then follows with "Sacha graduates soon".

Take a look:

That's all we have but given the antagonistic relationship between these two, we are expecting something that is bound to wind the current POTUS up.

Here's Baron Cohen interviewing Trump as Ali G back in the day:

Trump often claims he was the only one to walk out of an interview with Ali G but Baron Cohen says he actually lasted about 9 minutes.

The president also featured in Baron Cohen's 2016 comedy 'Grimsby' in which he became infected with HIV after Daniel Radcliffe's blood is sprayed into his mouth due to a gunshot. The movie, which came out during Trump's presidential campaign, included the disclaimer that the candidate did not actually have HIV.

Baron Cohen is also currently shooting the Netflix series 'The Spy' written and directed by Gideon Raff but here's hoping he we get more information on this project very soon.