'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' first aired on September 27 1996. For 90s-00s kids, it still holds a special place in their heart.

The show followed Sabrina, played by Melissa Joan Hart, who lives with her two aunts and talking cat. She discovers on her sixteenth birthday that she is a witch and suddenly, life as a teenager gets a lot more complicated.

Who can forget the silly gags, the cringe-worthy moments, the eccentric characters, the lovely boyfriends (especially Harvey Kinkle), and less entertaining college years followed?

Sure a lot of us drifted away as the series came into the noughties but still, it was one of the big TV shows of many of our youths.

So here’s a wee quiz to test your memory of the iconic series and allow you to indulge in a little bit of good old nostalgia. Check it out, and post your results in the comments:

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