Nobody needed to cover this crap anymore, we wouldn't have to keep up with as part of being an entertainment website, it was over. Not only that, the consensus was that 'Big Brother' had essentially finished its time on television and was becoming a parody of itself.

Be honest - on this year's 'Celebrity Big Brother', how many of them would you reasonably consider to be a celebrity? Granted, the proliferation of reality television has drastically shifted the qualifiying critieriaof 'celebrity', but still, calling some of them on the show this year a 'celebrity' was a stretch.

Anyway, the point is that 'Big Brother' was all but done and everyone was happy.

And then Rylan Clark-Neal tweets this late last night.

What is this, exactly? Is it a thinly-veiled threat?

Is it Rylan Clark-Neal trying to put the feelers out? Who knows. Here's what we do know. Both Channel 4 and Channel 5 have expressly stated that neither one of them is interested in 'Big Brother'. ITV said they had no interest in bidding for 'Big Brother' and Sky ruled out any attempts to secure the show.

Quite simply, the show was dead in the water. So what's Rylan Clark-Neal on about? It could be that someone like YouTube or Facebook are interested in taking it on, as YouTube is moving into original programming ala Netflix - and, to be fair, 'Big Brother' would seem like a natural fit.

Again, the question must be asked - does anyone even want to see 'Big Brother' anymore? Moreover, is anyone actually going to be arsed logging on to YouTube to watch it?

Answers on a postcard, folks.