Tubridy was having absolutely none of it this morning on his 2fm radio show and has pretty much demanded that the Taoiseach appear on The Late Late Show, saying it's 'high time' the man running the country made an appearance.

The presenter went on a bit of a rant this morning stating; "It's not Primetime. That's limited to political junkies in a sense. And it's not local radio which he did last night - and he wouldn't do an interview with national media - because that's a small audience."

"Even in a State of the Nation broadcast, which he seems to be into doing, they bore people senseless. It is a conversation and it's high time he talked to people."

Here, here Tubbers!

He went on to say that Kenny has been asked to appear on the show 'every other week' and that 'he has refused every other week'.

"When we did the water charges piece that time you can't believe the amount of hassle it took to get somebody from the government to come on and talk," he said. "Eventually we got a back bencher sent out to bat on the government's behalf."

The presenter was referring to an interview the Taoiseach did with Ocean FM last night saying that he needed to address a much bigger audience than that. He added, "The point I'm making is you have to go national to the widest audience possible and that's us, bar going on the Toy Show or an episode of Love/Hate, which I don't think he's going to do."

Obviously we would all have chosen Enda Kenny to appear on Love/Hate, but that ship has clearly sailed, so The Late Late Show does seem like the next viable option.

Question is, will Kenny have the balls to show up?