If you've been following 'SNL' for any number of years like we have, you'll know it is truly a hit-and-miss show.

It literally boils down to a sketch-by-sketch basis, and considering they've got to crank these shows out that are subject to the whims of whatever's in the news and in the culture, it's a tough ask. That being said, there are ways to improve it at any point - bring in random celebrity guests.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Jason Momoa appeared in the middle of a random 'SNL' sketch with his nipples on show and, sure enough, it worked a treat. This time around, it's Ryan Reynolds.

Playing an uber-douchey preppy guy who "Knows The Owner", he then proceeded to launch into some of the dumbest wordplay while slipping in a story about a man with a giant yet flaccid penis. It's both hilarious and horrifying in equal measure which, honestly, is what we look for in any comedy sketch.

Take a look.