The new co-chairmen of Wrexham Football Club in Wales have fired shots back at Apple TV+ for their dig at questioning their investment in the club.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have jokingly called out Apple TV for singling them out on the most recent 'Ted Lasso' episode. In the episode titled 'Rainbow', Jeremy Swifts' character Higgins makes fun of the new football club owners, saying he "can’t tell if them buying the club is a joke or not".

Last year it was announced that the actor friends would be embarking on securing investment within the Welsh Football Club Wrexham A.F.C., and they have since succeeded by contributing £2 million into the club.

Clearly, Reynolds and McElhenney's new venture is not one they've taken lightly, and judging by their response, they're looking for blood biscuits.

Written from the desk of RR MacReynolds, the letter addressed to Apple TV+ reads: "Dear Apple TV+, it has come to our attention that in a recent episode of Ted Lasso our very real ownership of Wrexham AFC was called into question by an otherwise beloved character named 'Higgins'.

"While we hold the incomparable Jeremy Swift in no ill regard and are honoured to be mentioned on the platform that’s brought us high-quality programming ranging from Mythic Quest season one to Mythic Quest season two, we must insist that you cease and desist from the casting of any doubt regarding our commitment to the club, the fans, and the entire Wrexham community."

They ended the letter by saying, "To avoid legal action please send 2 LARGE boxes of Ted Lasso's biscuits" before the Wrexham football season begins on August 21 at 3 pm. The tweet was published just 45 minutes before the deadline.

Both stars either already have a production with the streamer, or are currently working on a project. Ryan Reynolds will star in their upcoming musical based on 'A Christmas Carol', while Rob McElhenney's 'Mythic Quest' has two seasons on Apple TV+.

'Welcome to Wrexham', the documentary following the exploits of the new football investors, will premiere on Disney+ in the future.