We're big Downton Abbey fans here in the office (let's just not talk about THAT Christmas Special, mmkay?), and we're rather fond of Ryan Gosling to boot, so we quite simply cannot imagine any sweeter combination. And y'know, neither can Laura Carmichael, aka Lady Edith.

We all know Edith's been frightfully unlucky in the love department (although, that said, at least she hasn't died in childbirth... yet) so it's no surprise that when asked who she'd like to see play her next love interest, Laura named everyone's favourite Canadian (you're gone now Justin, sorry). "I think he would be brilliant in Downton, and it would be a waste if that doesn't happen," she told The Telegraph.

We too think it would be a jolly good casting, what with Ryan getting suited and booted in a bit of period garb. Of course, that's provided Edith's latest failed relationship doesn't spring back to life. She's still flying high as a journalist in waiting in Season 4 apparently, meaning she'll continue to spend time close to her infamous editor. Jane Eyre anyone?

"Her editor, obviously there is a spark and that continues really" Carmichael told the newspaper. "Even looking at series three so much has changed in terms of her aspirations and how she conducts herself as a modern woman, and that has come out of being jilted."

We'll just sit here patiently until Julian Fellowes calls Ryan. We could totally see him having an epic bromance with our own Allen Leech.