Apparently the powers that be at 'Love Island' are planning a winter version of the reality series.

It makes perfect sense to be honest. There will, after all, be a 'Love Island' shaped hole in our hearts (ironically) once the series ends.

According to The Sun, the producers of 'Love Island' intend to have the spin-off filmed in South Africa. It'll use the same format as its predecessor.

The news comes after ITV2 axed flop TV show 'Survival Of The Fittest' last year after just one series.

The show will reportedly be shot after Christmas, replacing Channel 5’s 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

A source said: “After the flop of Survival of the Fittest producers want to keep the format simple and mop up the gaping hole Celebrity Big Brother left reality TV hungry audiences.

"Winter Love Island makes sense as fans adore the drama and love triangles and everyone wants to enjoy a bit of sun on screens in the cold winter months.

“It’s still in the very early stages and casting isn’t even close, but producers at ITV Studios and crew are definitely gearing up for it.”

ITV haven't given an official comment on the report, but c'mon. If it's guaranteed to be even half the success 'Love Island' is, it'll get the go ahead.