It's been a while since we've heard anything from those Rubberbandit boyos, well not that long, but we haven't had one of their catchy tunes stuck in our head for quite some time now.

It seems the Limerick lads have a lot going on besides a music career however, and have just been announced as commentators on an upcoming new British TV series called The Almost Impossible Game Show.

The series is made by the same folk behind Total Wipeout and is set to be "wear-bleepingly, bum-bruisingly, face-slappingly tricky" for the ten contestants that will be taking part.

The challenges will include the likes of riding a tiny bike at speed along a very narrow beam and shaking Velcro croissants off a Velcro bodysuit. (Eh, EASY.)

According to RSVP Online, the former Republic Of Telly comedy duo Blindboy Boatclub and Mr Chrome will be providing the voiceover, which according to producers Endemol Shine will be "a twisted, surreal take on the action".

No better men!

The six hour-long shows will air on ITV2 later in the year.