4Funnies is a series of brand new 30 minute comedy pilots and it just so happens to kick off with Rubberbanditos Blindboy Boat Club and Mr Chrome, who - as the Channel 4 press site eloquently puts it - are "two Irish rappers who wear plastic bags over their heads." It is what it is.

This "Irish musical comedy phenomenon" have registered over 25 million YouTube views across the globe for their assorted radio prank calls, DIY sketches and music videos. Building up a reputation - both live and as emerging TV writers and performers - The Rubberbandits debuted for Channel 4 in C4.com's Comedy Blap and took 2012's Edinburgh Comedy Festival by storm, earning the distinction of 'Most Original Act'.

As ever, it's best to leave any sense or reason or logic outside the door and prepare for giggles with beats and yurts - particularly as it's being helmed by Father Ted and Moone Boy director Declan Lowney.

The Bandits should enjoy their prime time Channel 4 comedy slot (it's only on a Friday at 11.15pm - the perfect post pub fodder), what with the new series of Peep Show being relegated to Friday Night Dinner's old time slot of 10.00pm of a Sunday (kicking off this coming Sunday, November 25th). While we're at it, still can't get used to 8 Out of 10 Cats being broadcast on a Monday...

Anyway, here's something to tide you over until next Friday if you've not caught it already, it's Laurence Kinlan off Love/Hate with his bits pixelated depicting Danny Dyer riding an inflatable shark. Yes, he does look like Ant McPartlin.