Christmas came early for every Irish child of the late '80s and '90s this week as RTÉ gifted us all with probably one of the most important cultural milestones of our generation.

Forget Gaybo talking about johnnies on the Late Late or any visit by a foreign state leader, Nadine Coyle's ejection from the Irish edition of 'Popstars' is the pinnacle of Irish TV. Everyone knows where they were, everyone knows what happened, and everyone knows how proud Nadine Coyle was of being a Gemini.

RTÉ delivered the news that the series was available on the RTÉ Player via a tweet yesterday afternoon which contained the moment where it all went wrong (or right, if you think about it) for Nadine.

But this dream can't last forever so you best be putting aside some time to watch as the series is only available on RTÉ Player until Saturday 14th January 2017. Christmas is sorted anyway.