Anyone watch the IFTA's on Saturday night? No? Lucky you. The event in all its hyped up glory pretty made for some car crash TV. The sound quality was atrocious, the jokes went down like lead balloons and somewhere amongst it all the awards were given out.

RTE has now said they are going to launch a major review into the programme, even though in fairness, it was an IFTA-produced event, but there were some issues that needed to be looked at. A spokeswoman said; “We are aware that there were technical issues and we will be reviewing those issues within the coming days. We do that with any big event.”

A spokeswoman for the IFTAs said: “Over the past 11 years IFTA has produced superb award ceremonies, which are amongst the highest rated shows in Ireland. However there were, unfortunately, technical issues in the room at this year’s ceremony with regards to sound production across the outside broadcast of the show. Acoustics in the room created difficulties and technical delays caused a knock-on effect to the evening’s schedule.”

Viewers slammed the event on social media, while even guests at the show were online giving out about how late the meal was served. Apparently the poor beggars didn't get fed until 11pm, no wonder it sounded so rowdy back there, they were all probably chewing each others arms off.

In recent years the event had been filmed in the more sedate set up of The Convention Centre in Dublin, with none of this round table gala madness in the background, so that could also explain a lot. Next year no doubt it will be back to the norm, with guests probably given a few water bottles at the bar. See, this is why we can't have nice things!