Two total strangers meet up to ask each-other a series of scientific questions to find out if there's a spark between them - or if they're a real dampener.

RTÉ 2's new reality dating show 'The Love Experiment' is on the lookout for the people of Ireland who are looking for that real human connection.

Dating in 2021 can be a minefield (and let's be honest, a bit of a chore), with phone apps really the only way people appear to speak with each-other for the first time these days. We all dream of bumping into the love of our life while reaching for that especially ripe peach at the supermarket - but nine times out of ten that only seems to happen on our screens.

'The Love Experiment' aims to go back to basics when it comes to love. Potential couples will sit down together for the first time and ask each other a series of questions to see how compatible they are.

The series of questions are all based on scientific studies, and the type of questions that should be asked in order to find out whether they've met their perfect partner.

If you're interested in meeting your potential love match and are aged 18 years and over, then you can apply through the RTÉ website by clicking here. Questions on the application form include the proudest moment of your life so far, your biggest turn off in a partner, and if you've ever been in love.