RTE have today announced that their new reality dating show will be heading to their on demand player in a couple of weeks time.

The RTE Player will launch 'Love in Isolation' this June, where couples from across the country will be going on virtual dates with each other in the hopes of finding love (and meeting up in person when everything gets back to normal, perhapsl).

The new RTE dating show will see 12 singletons who are self-isolating at home attempt to find love over the wonders that is the internet. Let's hope there's no dodgy connections, or these dates could go from incredibly awkward to incredibly cringe-worthy. We can just see it now. 

Produced by EZ Films for the RTE Player, 'Love in Isolation' attempts to match daters online to find out if opposites do attract, or if it really is a survival of the fittest. Recorded in their homes via video chat, the daters have jumped at the chance to dress up, have a drink and even light a candle or two with a potential new flame.

There is a twist to the show however, which will see each date being set a challenge. So yes, we envision the most Irish of awkward encounters are on the horizon.

Here's a few shots of the singetons who are looking for some quarantine loving.

We need a catch-up episode where the couples meet in person, RTE, make it happen!

All six episodes of 'Love in Isolation' will land on the RTE Player Tuesday, June 9.