It's been a while since an Irish station has tackled this type of reality series, Fade Street is gone some time and while TV3 provided some entertainment (we use that term loosely) with Tallafornia, it's been ages since we've had a good cringe fest of a reality show to mock/tweet about/or pretend we don't watch when we do.

Not for much longer though. RTE 2 have announced a new reality series for the station that will be aimed at the 15-34 age bracket and is thought to be an updated version of Fade Street (Greaaaaat). The station lost a fifth of its audience last year so it's hoping this type of show will bring in more viewers. Well you never know...

They also hired a new channel controller, Bill Malone, in September so that they could build a new identity for the station in advance of UTV Ireland's arrival, which Irish channels seem to be quaking in their boots about.

RTE have said though that they "won’t reveal further details about the new series until the RTE Two New Season launch next month".

We're imagining it will be about a whole load of hipsters with beards and bowler hats tweeting and taking selfies around Georges Street Arcade... wait, did we just write the entire series? I think we did! Give us a buzz RTE 2.