Earlier this week, United fan Darragh Curley came up with the best strategy the embattled team has had in years.

Instead of writing to Ole Gunnar Solksjaer with some suggestions on the formation or passing strategy, Darragh wrote to Jurgen Klopp and specifically asked him to stop winning matches as Liverpool manager. Sure enough, Klopp wrote back to him, thanking him for the letter and but gently declined his plea to stop winning.

Sure enough, with Roy Keane on last night's 'Late Late Show', young Darragh Curley got to meet with the former United captain, who now needs to carry a sleeping pup around with him to not seem so threatening and angry.

Although the conversation was direct and Darragh came across very well, you just know Roy was ready and willing to tee off on United's performance of late if asked the question. He could have cut through the entire line of questioning in an instant with one sentence.

Anyway, here's the video.