Seeing as how it's set in Cork, is about people from Cork, you've got to imagine it was only a matter of time before living embodiment of Cork - Roy Keane, obviously - appeared on 'The Young Offenders'.

Mayfield's own appeared on last night's show, donning a Cork City FC, asking the trio of Jock, Connor and Mairead for a fish supper. The cameo was completely out of nowhere, and seemed to catch just about everyone watching it off guard.

Here's some of the reaction and a few clips.

That's not content, folks. That's Corktent. That's right. Cork Content gets its own name, and it's Corktent. Great Corktent.

Anyway, the first episode of 'The Young Offenders' Season 2 airs on RTÉ 2 this coming Monday, so expect more Corktent then.