As the controversy surrounding Roxanne Pallett's allegations that Ryan Thomas assaulted her in the Big Brother house, the 'Emmerdale' actor issued a public apology on Channel 5's 'Jeremy Vine' show this morning, admitting that she got it "completely wrong."

In her first public interview since exiting the house on Saturday, Pallett said that she "got it completely wrong," and added that "at the time it hurt, but when I looked back on that footage as soon as I left the house, I got it wrong. I really got it wrong." Jeremy pointed out that had there been no cameras at the time of the incident, Pallett could have very easily ruined Thomas' career as an actor. Pallett replied that "he couldn’t disprove his intention and I couldn’t disprove, or prove, the feeling, but since I’ve been out, I looked at the clip and spoke to my family and reflected in a normal environment, because it’s not normal in there."

Pallett went on, adding that she "wasn’t thinking straight and that’s something I need to go away and work on." Since the incident occurred, none of the housemates have seen the footage of the incident and host Rylan Clark-Neal of 'Bit On The Side' has publicly called on producers to show the footage of the incident to housemates in order for them to make up their own mind as to what happened.

So far, the producers on 'Celebrity Big Brother' have issued no additional comments on the incident. Here's the interview from Channel 5's show earlier this morning.