Poor Ross Kemp. The fella probably hasn't done one interview since he left EastEnders where there hasn't been a question about him returning to the soap. "So you've broken up a gang fight on the streets of Rio? Amazing, now what about EastEnders?" We did the same in fairness when we chatted to him last year. #RossKempNameDropping

Kemp was interviewed recently with Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2 where he answered the inevitable question of whether he'd return, this time with a far more positive answer; "I've got no problem going back. It was ten years of my life. Some of it was happy, some of it wasn't so happy, but I enjoyed most of it or wouldn't have stayed that long."

Kemp added, "If an opportunity comes up and it's at the right time, I definitely don't see why not."

Well we do know that he's not planning on returning to the soap's much hyped up thirtieth anniversary week, but maybe down the line he will make his way back to Walford to reclaim the Mitchell dynasty. That Max Branning needs to be told what's what... innit!