It's almost time for the Rose of Tralee once more as all the lovely girls from all the different lands arrive in Kerry to have the chats with Daithi O'Se, and sure isn't it well for them.

A popular part of the show has always been the party piece, with some girls performing a song, others a dance, while many have relied on a good old fashioned poem to get them through. Sometimes they're even penned by the Rose herself and usually about how much she's enjoying her time in Eye-r-land.

However, organisers have decided this year, steady yourself now, that all poems will be banned from the competition, yes BANNED.

Speaking at the launch of the 2016 Rose of Tralee International Festival, spokesperson John Drummey said he had "nothing against poetry or the creative skills of our Roses who like to write their own poems".

We're not so sure John Drummey.

He added; "The real reason is because in the olden days, poems were seen as a form of entertainment before all the modern entertainment we now see. They had their place in time.

"The Rose of Tralee is constantly evolving to stay modern and relevant. We found there weren’t as many people who wanted to do poems anyway. We just made a decision, in consultation with RTE of course."

The organisers want the Roses to showcase their other more unusual talents, and this year viewers can expect to see kickboxing, a science project, cupcake decorating and even sandwich making.

Is there anything to be said for another poem?