Sandor Clegane aka The Hound is no more. The highly anticipated Cleganebowl happened on last night's episode of 'Game of Thrones' and fans were not disappointed.

The battle saw The Hound face off The Mountain - namely Gregor Clegane, his brother - and in fitting 'Game of Thrones' style, the two fell to a fiery doom in the culmination of the fight.

Across the series, The Hound went from one of the most loathed characters to a fan favourite. This was largely thanks to his storyline with Arya Stark, who he shared a bittersweet goodbye with last night.

Rory McCann is the man behind The Hound - or as Arya now calls him, Sandor *sniffs*.

He told EW that he's "very happy with the way The Hound’s story ends," adding:

"It would have been nice to keep living and go on a road trip and do a spin-off. But I’m absolutely delighted. I’m blessed to be given this storyline.


Game of Thrones

"Maybe he could have found peace and wandered off. But this is a fine way to go. It seems pretty beautiful to me. How lucky to be an actor who gets ends up on one of the biggest and best shows in the world. I see panic in some [fellow castmates] eyes: “What are we going to do now?” Relax. Don’t worry. We’re on the map now."

McCann loved how The Hound got such great lines. He said his fondest memories were "all the Arya/Hound road trip stuff."

What's McCann doing next you ask? Heading out for a couple of years on a boat he built, which he describes as: "an old wooden ketch. Two masts. All wood, 45 years old. Gorgeous thing with a peat fire inside it."

He explained to EW:

"I’m a sailor and spent all my years trying to do up boats. Now I’m thinking of finishing my last few scenes sand sailing off into the sunset. That’s my dream."

What did he say upon being asked where he's planning on going? "That’s my f—ing business."