Room to Improve has undoubtedly become essential Sunday night viewing for many people across Ireland - not to mention the Twitter reaction that comes along with it.

However, occasionally the good-natured ribbing can turn into full-blown abuse, as we saw on a couple of occasions during the most recent season - not least on the episode featuring teacher Katie and her farmer husband Padraig.

However, Dermot Bannon has said that he advises his clients to 'ignore' the trolls that throw abuse at them online.

"It's a tough one," he said. When you do this kind of stuff, you are going to get a reaction and there's nothing you can do. I take it with a pinch of salt and let it go over my head. For the clients who go on the show, sometimes it really upsets them and that upsets me."

He added: "You've become good friends with them. Sometimes the show might show a certain angle of somebody or they might come across a certain way and that's not the true, full-rounded person you know. We often tell them, 'please ignore it'."

"Twitter either loves you or hates you, there's no in between. It's on your mind, when I read through Twitter on a Sunday night I think, 'Oh God, stop'. There's nothing you can do about it."

What's more, he said that Katie was actually the best craic of all clients on the most recent series, saying: "If you were going to go for a pint with anyone from the series, it would probably be Katie because she was great fun."


Via The Herald