Let's see, if we skip out on morning coffees for the foreseeable, ditch any social life until 2040...carry the one and... nope we'll never be able to afford a massive gaff in Cork with an indoor sauna and pool and a 40 grand window. Where did it all go wrong?

Let's face it though, last night's Room to Improve was the height of notions, who even needs a gigantic house with amazing views and your own gym? Not us anyways, NOT US.

However, saying that though gigantic gaff's owners were a good bit of craic. Suzy's bold as brass flirting with Dermot in front of husband Dave was reason enough to tune in.

Dermot took on their project to revamp their 170-year-old Fermoy mansion into the type of place you'd look for Groupon vouchers to get a night in.

A generous budget of roughly half a million meant Dermot had plenty to work with, however, this is Room to Improve so naturally it wasn't all plain sailing. Dermot got to feel the wrath of Suzy when he showed up late one day while the first consignment of windows was damaged in transit and the matter of a dog door for Gem caused a bit of contention.

As usual Twitter was where the best reactions to the show were with your usual mix of fans, begrudgers and witty observations.

And our tweet of the night...