As is tradition, the time in between Christmas Day and New Years in Ireland brings with it copious amounts of open tins of chocolates, leftover turkey curry, bottles and bottles of half-open Club Orange, and that feeling of not really knowing what day it is. It's glorious.

It's also a time for sitting around to watch a - hopefully - PG movie that the whole family can enjoy without too many awkward moments.

And last night, if 'Bridget Jones's Baby' didn't tickle your fancy on RTE One, then chances are that you were already tuned into Virgin Media One for Roddy Doyle's 'The Snapper'.

The 1993 movie was back on our screens for the yearly dose of Colm Meaney playing the iconic role as Des Curley. Curley, a father who refuses to accept that one of his daughter has fallen pregnant, steals the show with some of the most quotable dialogue any Irish movie has potentially ever produced.

And needless to say, Twitter was alight with quotes from 'The Snapper' last night.


Those pints do look especially creamy.