Who knew Robert Pattinson was such a big X Factor fan. Didn't think he'd ever have time to catch it what with all the evil vampires that need decapitating. Then again, he does spend most of his down time in hotel rooms eating take out (no doubt with the Queen of glum by his side).

Anyhoo, he's not a bit happy with the current state of the Simon Cowell Juggernaut; he wants Cheryl Cole and Mr Cowell himself back on the show. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the Twilight star said it just hasn't been the same since Cheryl and Simon left. He'd be right too. An X Factor devoid of Cheryl's attempts at coherent speech and Simon Cowell's brutal honesty is no X Factor at all. As big a fan of Gary Barlow as I am, even he's struggled to fill the shiny black corrective shoes circa 1997 of Simon.

"I would like to see Cheryl back on the UK X Factor. It is never going to be the same now Simon is not there anymore - but having Cheryl back would be good for the show... It hasn't been the same since the two of them left - and if there is a chance to get her back Simon should. In fact Simon should do both shows... The US show is midweek and the UK at weekends - come on Simon you have enough money to charter your own plane."