Robbie Lawlor appeared on last night's 'The Late Late Show' with Ryan Tubridy.

Robbie Lawlor is the co-founder of Access To Medicines Ireland, and a HIV advocate for Act Up Dublin. He and Shaun Dunne both appeared on the sofa with Ryan last night, to talk about HIV and to get rid of the stigma associated with the disease. They are both working on a theatre project 'Rapids' which will be about the pair's experience of HIV in Ireland.

Robbie was diagnosed with HIV in 2001, at the age of 21. Here's a clip of Robbie on last night's show, explaining what went through his mind when he was told by the doctor he was HIV-positive.


Following his appearance on the show, there was a lot of love online for Robbie Lawlor not being afraid to speak out about his illness.

"They don't realise just how many people they are helping."

"It takes bravery and real courage..."

"... will educate countless people."

"I applaud you're honesty."

"... it will raise awareness for many..."

"He's the most inspiring person I know."

"I have learned more about HIV in those few mins than 20 years in health care."

Robbie Lawlor and Shaun Dunne's play 'Rapids' is currently touring the country. For the full interview, head over to the RTE Player website.