There had been rumours that 'The Trip to Ireland' might be the next in Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon's comedy series.

However, as the latter announced earlier this year, Greece is their latest destination.

'The Trip' has so far seen the two comedians - who play fictionalised versions of themselves - travel to northern England on a restaurant tour for the first series in 2010. They visited Italy for the second in 2014 and Spain in 2017.

Now, filming on the fourth series has just begun in Greece, as Brydon shared a picture on social media...

Both actors have had a busy year so far, with Coogan reprising his most famous comedy creation Alan Partridge for 'This Time', and Brydon's upcoming involvement in the 'Gavin & Stacey' Christmas special.

There's no word on exactly when 'The Trip to Greece' will air, but you can expect more hilarious impressions and philosophical musings from the pair as they munch their way through feta, moussaka, tzatziki and more.

We still want an Irish series, though.