So nobody's watching "Rihanna's" Styled to Rock - we're guessing because the contestants are largely insufferable muppets, Rihanna is suffering from all manner of overexposure, and the 'mentors' (Nicola Roberts, Henry Holland, and the other bird) have the collective charisma of unassembled flatpack furniture.

According to Digital Spy, the ratings for last Tuesday's show - the third episode in the series - were the largest to date at a mere 105,000. To put that into perspective, a repeat of Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire on Challenge and a repeat of QI on Dave.

Sky Controller Stuart Murphy has batted away negative comments, saying: "It was trending on Twitter and Rihanna is the biggest star in the world. Find me a channel controller who would turn down Rihanna in her own series." Yeah, but that's the problem, it's being sold as Rihanna's show and she's not in it, so the viewer is effectively being duped and force fed Rihanna's stylist's menagerie of hairdos, Henry Holland's 2 dimensions and a a droid with desaturated hair.

Then again, everyone's got an opinion. See, even the mannequin in the Mentor's lair is trying to communicate a critique...

The fourth episode of Styled to Rock airs on Sky Living on Tuesday at 9 bells.