Following the launch of Big Brother Secrets &Lies series, Ricky Gervais has taken to twitter to do what he does best; rip it out of everyone else for the comedic nourishment of his fans, like a lion and his weak, low IQ prey.

The comedian most famous for mocking THAT idiotic office guy has vented his feelings about the reality TV hit Big Brother on social media, saying 'I just watched 5 minutes of Big Brother and I totally understand God sending that flood that wiped out the human race now. Total convert'. He likes his emphatic statements, Ricky does.

He continued to say, 'watching Big Brother makes me wish that the human race was an endangered species'. Ouch again. More surprisingly, he claims to have once been a fan of the show during its first series. Explaining his change of heart, the comedian stated 'it started off as quite an interesting social experiment. It was around the same time as we were doing The Office and I called Steve [Merchant] up depressed thinking, 'We can't compete with this. It's just amazing when Nasty Nick [was thrown out [...]'.

Of the following series, he added 'People [were] going in there thinking, 'I'll promise to be outrageous, I'll be outrageous, I'll come out, I'll have my photo taken naked for a hundred grand in the Sundays, and then I'll get a house or a dodgy agent'. Didn't they always Ricky? They didn't go in thinking it would progress the sociological and psychological theories on group interaction and mating now did they?