Turns out Ricky Gervais can predict the future! And we're not even messing around with you, it's actually scarily true. In the wake of the Samuel L. Jackson/Lawrence Fishburne mix up on a US TV interview recently, Gervais has pointed out that the same thing happened on his show Extras eight years ago with Ashley Jensen’s character.

Big deal, says you. A one-off! But it doesn't end there. The comedy show regularly featured Hollywood royalty taking the piss out of themselves, one person who played this up excellently was Kate Winslet. She famously said on the show that she was only doing a Holocaust movie to try and win an Academy Award. Flash forward to 2009 - Kate Winslet wins Oscar for holocaust movie, The Reader. As well as that, the series also featured a sequence in which Lionel Blair took part in Celebrity Big Brother. Just January gone, Lionel entered the Big Bro house. Eeery.

The Extras prophecy is proving unnervingly accurate it seems! The comedian himself was first to point it out, he tweeted:

Here's the fantastically awkward clip from Extras: