From this moment on, the only way to judge how well a crowd is reacting to a show is numerical. Not how many bums are in the seats, how many standing ovations are given, or even how many hands can be heard clapping. No, the only way to tell if it’s going well is by the number of selfies taken/attempted to be taken with the stars. By that token, this show was a huge success.

Such is the popularity of the two Geordie hosts, they could have charged the crowd 30 quid for a simple photo. Judging by the never ending hugs, accompanied by flashes, as the comedy duo made their way through the crowd in the opening half of the show, most would have been more than happy with that.

Luckily, that was just the beginning of what the boys had in store, as they effortlessly brought their award winning ITV show to the masses. Win the Ads, Ant vs Dec, Little Ant and Little Dec, and a very special End of Show Show, all successfully make their way to the stage.

But that’s just scratching the surface of what’s on offer, however we won’t spoil the surprise for those going to the upcoming Dublin gigs. Belfast had Blue, Kian Egan, and Riverdance, while Dublin can expect a new cast. That is, of course, apart from Pussycat Doll, and the lads' assistant, Ashley Roberts, who apart from keeping all the men in the audience happy, performs her latest single, 'Woman Up'.

Some people questioned whether Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway could transfer well into a live setting. Could the magic be recreated in front of thousands of people, and how would the length of a show be filled out? Most importantly, would people want to spend money on what they’ve been seeing while sitting in their living room all these years?

Those fears were quickly put to rest by the audience. All-singing and all-dancing doesn’t do the show justice, and that’s just Ant and Dec. It's two hours of family fun, embarrassing moments for celebrities and the audience alike, and a few innuendos thrown in for good measure. With 10,000 fans joining in to sing the pair off at the end, it's hard to see the show as anything but a huge success.

Coming to Dublin in September, the lads are playing three shows in the O2 Arena between the 12th and 13th. For further information see

Photo Credit: Steve Peskett