It feels like just yesterday we were hiding behind the sofa as Drew Barrymore screamed' for the first time, but now that MTV Scream pilot we told you about is well underway, and it won't be long before the world's most famous slasher makes their way to our TV screens.

Fans of Revenge will be delighted to hear that writers Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin have been snapped up to pen MTV's newest offering, adapting Wes Craven's baby for a whole new audience. They've also been involved with shows like Criminal Minds and The Event, so here's hoping they make a decent stab at this one. Ba dum chhh.

Meanwhile, Scream mastermind Craven was linked to direct the pilot when we first heard word of the project, but it's yet to be confirmed whether or not he will take the helm. Believe it or not, he's 73 years old now, but hasn't ruled himself out of the running.

"If they have a great script/concept, it could be fun" he said, whilst also confirming that Scream 5 will most definitely not be hitting the big screen. Good man Wes. Quit while you're ahead. Well... kind of.