Following on from the huge success of the revived series Love Island, Channel 4 have decided it might be time to bring back Shipwrecked, six years after it went off the air.

The reality series was one of the first of its kind and ran for three series until 2001 before it was it relaunched in 2006 with a new "battle of the islands" format which continued until 2012.

The original format was constructed as a social experiment, without a competitive format or prize. Fun fact, it was actually narrated by The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln.

The revamped show saw two teams competing with each other for new members, with the largest team winning a cash prize at the end. However, in 2012, the show returned to the original format.

So yeah, Shipwrecked has definitely been having an identity crisis over the years and as of yet we don't know which version would be returning, but regardless, Channel 4 reckon they can hit on the nostalgia aspect of the reality series.

An insider told The Sun: "Lots of people have fond memories of watching Shipwrecked in their youth and dreaming about joining the fun in paradise.

"Now Channel 4 have decided to give millennials the same experience, after Love Island proved sun-kissed hunks and beauties frolicking in a tropical setting can result in huge ratings.

"While there have been similar shows recently, like The Island and Mission Survive, they are all about making people miserable by forcing them to fight for their lives in the wild.

"On Shipwrecked, the biggest hardship the castaways faced was getting tan lines. It should go down well with the snowflake generation."

Eh, don't think they actually LIKE to be called 'the snowflake generation' insider person.

Some of the stars of the original series' that found fame are Jade Goody's husband Jeff Brazier, DJ Sarah-Jane Crawford and Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear.

Yeah. Maybe this shouldn't come back after all.