Early 90s TV was Mr. Blobby, The Big Breakfast, The Word, and The Crystal Maze. Given most of the proceeding viewing was either on too early, too late (with added granny kissing and armpit licking), or too terrifying (Blobby still haunts our dreams), the Crystal Maze was the perfect family viewing - especially with Rocky Horror's Richard O’Brien at the helm

The Crystal Maze, featuring a multitude of people in jockey jackets ferreting about a maze boasting different time periods, was peak viewing for Channel 4 during it's run between 1990 - 95. O'Brien presented the first four series before Ed Tudor-Pole took over for the final two. We don't recall what he looks like either.

So, who will be presenting this new incarnation? No one. Why? Because it's coming back as a "live immersive experience" which the public can partake in - should they want to. So it won't be on TV. Sorry about that.

The 'Live Game', which now has its own Instagram, has come across with the below 'artistic interpretations' of what the experience will be like, along with an updated bomber jacket.  

So, would you be on the first flight?

Via Vikingfm.co.uk