Hello, Wisconsin!

If you've been mourning the loss of Eric, Donna et al. since it wrapped up nine years ago this news could come as a small reprieve. Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson (AKA Kelso and Hyde) are teaming up for a new Netflix comedy called 'The Ranch' created by the men behind 'Two and a Half Men', Don Reo and Jim Patterson. The show will see the pair play brothers on a ranch in Colorado who take over the family biz after Kelso, sorry, Kutcher takes a break from his career in semi-pro football.

'The Ranch' also changes up the Netflix game a little, being the second multi-camera show on their roster but will also be the first show to try out Netflix's new model of streaming episodes in two separate chunks. The show will consist of 20 episodes which will be split down the middle, with one batch of ten being released before the other later in the year.

And as Vulture point out, with Laure Prepon/Donna already on the Netflix payroll, we're halfway towards a '70s Show movie/special. Although we have a feeling that Mila Kunis may be the harder fish to catch these days.

Via Vulture