As more and more people finish binge-watching Making a Murderer, a select group have turned super sleuths and have reportedly uncovered additional evidence not covered by the documentary. Posting their findings to /r/MakingaMurderer subreddit, the following - according to Uproxx - has also come to light.

They include the following 3 points: "There were little drops of deer blood all over Steven Avery’s garage, proving that the garage hadn’t been washed clean with bleach after the murder of Halbach as the prosecutors claimed"... "Forensic scientist Sherry Culhane was involved in Steven Avery’s 1985 rape case and testified that one of Steven Avery’s hairs was found on victim Penny Beerntsen’s shirt. Avery’s lawyers also contend that Culhane delayed processing the DNA test that proved Steven’s innocence in the 1985 rape for an entire year"... "So many problematic jurors were removed by Avery’s defense team that they hit the legal limit of dismissals. They still ended up with a man whose son was a Manitowoc sheriff and a county clerk’s husband."

You can read the full list of new evidence over at Uproxx, who also point out that the expertise of scientists is urgently required to devise a way to see if the blood "found" in Teresa Halbach's RAV 4 did in fact include EDTA. C'mon, it was clearly syringed from the 1985 evidence sample after the box was tampered with, and planted there, godnammit... Avery's fingerprints weren't even found in the interior of Halbach's car!