Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid have named their daughter Dolly.

The couple welcomed their first child into the world on June 17 but couldn't decide on a moniker for the tot and eventually settled on the name they first chose for a girl.

Chantelle revealed in her new! magazine column: 'We have finally decided on a name for the baby. She's called Dolly! It's actually the original name Alex and I liked in the very beginning and we've gone back to it.'

The 28-year-old reality TV star has struggled to get a good night's sleep since Dolly came home but she is confident the tot will settle into a routine soon.

She added: 'The baby seems to be sleeping a bit better than she was last week, so I'm hoping that was just a blip. She's sleeping for around five and a half hours at a time.

'I'm aiming for her to be going through the night by the time she's six weeks old. It's not impossible in our family - my cousin went through the night at three weeks.'

Chantelle is also struggling with severe pain after an operation on her teeth left her jaw misaligned.

She explained: 'I had root canal work done years ago and never went back to have it finished. I went to the dentist recently and he said they could either rebuild it or take it out.

'I asked whether taking it out would push my jaw out of line as that happened to me before and he assured me it wouldn't - but it has.

'The pain is unreal. I can't shut my jaw and have a splint in my mouth. It's even affected my hearing.'