Stone the flamin crows, we do love Alf Stewart here at entertainment towers, so we're only delighted that he's said he won't be retiring from the soap any time soon. Sure Summer Bay wouldn't be the same without him.

It's been 25 years since Ray Meagher first took on the role of the Bay's favourite bloke, and he claims he's never sick of playing his alter ago. He may have taken the odd break here and there along the way, but he never left the show and he certainly doesn't intend to do it any time soon either.

"I don't like the 'R-word.' I stay active by walking for an hour around the harbour where we film. And I try to eat healthily, too - well apart from the Curly Wurlies Georgie Parker (who plays his daughter Roo) leaves in my dressing room" he explained to Inside Soap. "The show is different all the time. Alf's daughter Roo went away and a completely new one came back! There have been times when I have wanted to go off and do other things but I couldn't get out of Home and Away."

Ray also admitted that he enjoys spending time with certain cast members, while others can get on his goat from time to time. "In a cast where there are 20 regulars and lots of extras, you're not going to get on with everyone. Sometimes you might not want to do a scene with someone, but once it's done, I just think, 'Right, where are Georgie and Emily [Marilyn]? I want someone I can have fun with'."

Too right Ray, too right. Sure some of them are probably right flamin gallahs, or mongrels, or whatever thing you just so happen to think is flamin at the time...