Come join the Warner brothers (and their Warner sister dot)...

The Animaniacs ended 20 years ago today. For many of us, its characters were a staple of our childhood TV binging.

To celebrate the animated series, we made this quiz so you can see which of the Animaniacs you are.


The show will be making a comeback as it's going to become available on the US subscription service Hulu.

The animated series ran from 1993 to 1998. It spawned a number of spin-offs, most notably 'Pinky & The Brain' and 'Freakazoid'.

Hulu has also won the rights to stream all old episodes of 'Anamaniacs', 'Pinky & The Brain', and 'Tiny Toon Adventures'. There's no word yet on precisely when the reboot series of the former will land on Hulu, but it's unlikely that it'll be available here in Ireland any time soon.

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