The kitchen of your typical TV series is oftentimes where all the drama unfolds, especially in sitcoms and TV drama series.

Our favourite TV shows are also extremely guilty of the usual morning routine of "I don't have time for breakfast - I'm late!" while a full spread of pancakes, toast, waffles, orange juice, coffee and you name it lie around untouched. But the question is - can you remember which TV show different kitchens are from?

In order to test your memory of both current and past TV shows, we've crafted a quiz for those of us who find themselves often paying attention to the background.

And no, before you ask, 'The Simpsons' kitchen isn't an option in our quiz - that would be far too easy.

As always, let us know how well you do. All you have to do is write the correct answer in the box provided.

You have 90 seconds to guess each answer in our kitchen/TV show quiz.