Too old. Too fat. Too thin. Too posh. Too common. They're just some of the criticisms you'll hear leveled at any TV presenter in the business and now Tess Daly's come out and said the girls have it worse than the lads when it comes to taking the flack from TV audiences.

The Strictly Come Dancing host was talking telly with Women's Health magazine when they got on to the topic of her much talked about Strictly outfits.

"Television is a visual medium, so I guess it comes with the territory," she said."But it's a reminder that being a woman is very different from being a man on TV. Their outfits aren't bloody gossiped about endlessly. But I don't want to be just another person complaining about their job. To be honest, I rise above it."

You've got to admit, she has a fair point. You need only have watched Gogglebox over the past few weeks to see that. Sure weren't they all giving out stink about herself and the gang on Children In Need? That said, they were sounding off about the lads almost as much now in fairness.

Caroline Flack, the Xtra Factor host, took a fair bit of, err flack, for shacking up with One Direction's Harry Styles and having a bit of a thing for wearing shorts on the telly. Did it really matter when she worse trousers or a dress from time to time? Or were the audiences just dying to have a go at the girl? And then of course there's our own Miriam O'Callaghan, who can never seem to escape the odd jibes about who's minding her kids while she's on the telly.

It's an issue that's been debated again and again in recent years, with campaigns to increase the number of older women in TV being launched in the UK, but what do you 'the viewers' think? Do women on TV have it tougher than men? Do Miriam and Sharon face far more scrutiny than Brian and Pat?

Let us know what you think below.