Although Quentin Tarantino is more known for his films, he's been known to dabble in a little bit of television work here and there.

There's been rumours for years that he's worked on some TV shows under an alias and, more recently, he directed the fifth season finale of CSI known as Grave Danger. It was released on its own as a sort-of TV movie back in the day.

However, Tarantino may be dipping his toe back into TV Land again with a project he's been lingering over for some time. As Tarantino described in a recent interview, he owns the rights to Elmore Leonard's classic Western novel, Forty Lashes Less One, which tells the violent story of two convicts, one black and one white, inside the Yuma Territorial Prison in 1909. Tarantino has said that he's considering bringing the story to the small-screen as four-to-six hour miniseries, but didn't reveal any more than that.

So, thoughts? Tarantino's work of late has veered heavily towards Westerns. Inglorious Basterds, even though it was set in World War II, had huge nods and winks to Western tropes. Django Unchained was, well, an out-and-out Western and his next film, The Hateful Eight, is much the same as well.

He did always said that he had a Western trilogy in him, aping the likes of Sergio Leone, so it'd be interesting to see him try his hand at long-form filmmaking for television. The current running length for The Hateful Eight comes in at three hours, complete with an intermission and an overture. If you don't know what an intermission at a cinema is, ask your Mam and Dad.

Westerns, in general, seem to be making a nice little comeback. Kurt Russell's Bone Tomhawk has been getting rave reviews and HBO's Westworld is getting serious hype. The fact that it's Tarantino and his level of violence / language / etc. practically begs it to be either Netflix or HBO. Our best guess is that he'd go for Netflix as they're moving more towards a prestige model and are aiming to take on the studios at their own game.

What do you think? Would you watch a Quentin Tarantino TV miniseries? Let us know in the comments!


Via Premiere Magazine