He is regularly cited as one of the most important movie directors of all time.

Up until now, however, Quentin Tarantino has never stepped into the world of television with any real purpose.

Tarantino wrote and directed two episodes of 'CSI' as far back as 2005, as well as an episode of 'E.R.' in 1995. There were rumours that he would oversee episodes of FX's 'Justified' series earlier this year, although nothing was confirmed.

Now, in a new interview, the director says that he plans to shoot an eight-episode TV series in 2023 - potentially pushing his 10th (and allegedly final) film further down the road.

He made the comments during an interview in New York last night to promote his new book 'Cinema Speculation'.

No other details have been revealed or confirmed, although there is speculation that it will be for a streaming service.

As for Tarantino's elusive 10th film? Since announcing it in 2020, there have been rumours of everything from 'Kill Bill 3' to an adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel 'Stick' - but he revealed in the same interview that it will be an entirely original work.

He did, however, call 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' the best film that he's ever made.

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