Have you heard that Channel Four are planning on doing a comedy series on the Irish famine? Because that was just a lol-a-minute time wasn't it? The series has just recently been commissioned by Channel Four however there's already been widespread condemnation with over 20,000 people signing a petition to prevent it going to air.

The show is set to be written by Irish man Hugh Travers and Irish-based production company Grand Pictures will be behind it. Travers told The Irish Times; “I don’t want to do anything that denies the suffering that people went through, but Ireland has always been good at black humour. We’re kind of thinking of it as Shameless in famine Ireland.”

Many have said it would be up there with making a joke out of the holocaust, with over one million Irish people dying during this famine time period.

Channel 4 has said the sitcom is still a work in progress. "This in the development process and is not currently planned to air... It's not unusual for sitcoms to exist against backdrops that are full of adversity and hardship."

Hmmm, there was the World World II comedy 'Allo 'Allo that ran for ten years, and Mash was set around the time of the Korean War. So yeah, we can see what they mean. It's satire people, we can handle satire right? Right??

Sorry. Never mind... down with that sort of thing!