'Curb Your Enthusiasm', the long-running comedy series from 'Seinfeld' co-creator Larry David, is getting a tenth season and has already begun production.

The finale of the ninth season aired in December of last year and a tenth season was confirmed shortly thereafter, however the production date initially set for it - Spring 2018 - came and went without any word. Rumours abounded that the tenth season was going to be shelved, however HBO confirmed to TheWrap that things are now underway.

The series, which follows the fictional stories of the real-life comedy producer Larry David, has won two Emmys and has been nominated 43 times, as well as receiving five Golden Globe nominations and one win for Larry David himself. There was a six-year gap between the eighth and ninth season, where many believed that the series was finished.

However, the show was brought back for a hugely acclaimed ninth season, prompting HBO to greenlight a tenth season right away.

No air date has been confirmed as of yet for the tenth season, but expect to see it on Sky Atlantic when it eventually lands.