He's barely been on television a week, and already Prince Michael Jackson has interviewed Sam Raimi, Zach Braff and James Franco, AND landed himself a follow up to his stint on Entertainment Tonight.

Yup, it seems the King of Pop's son will be making a special appearance in the series finale of 90210 later this year, with The Hollywood Reporter telling us he'll be filming his scenes later this week. They say he'll be playing a young lad called Cooper. He's a teenage trauma victim who develops a bond with series regular Silver (Jessica Stroup).

Seems the Jackson clan are doing quite well for themselves, considering. Young Paris is still linked to upcoming film Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys, though the project is understood to still be in development. The 90210 news bodes well for aspiring producer, director, screenwriter and actor Prince Michael II though. We were quite impressed with his performance on ET last week, and sure you never know, he might actually be good at it.

Now it's up to Blanket to blow both his siblings out of the water... designer range of linens perhaps?