So some of the lineups so far this season have just been alright really, but then Graham has set the standard remarkably high in the past. Tonight however, is one episode we are really looking forward to, as Graham meets not one but two Hollywood legends, and even a British one too.

Godfather and Apocalypse Now star Robert Duvall is on the show, along with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr! They are both starring in new movie The Judge together, which looks pretty damn good by all accounts.

They will be joined by writer, actor and presenter Stephen Fry, who will be chatting about the third volume of his autobiography, 'More Fool Me'.

Finally, a few of our own lot will be on the show - yep, Bono and the lads will be performing their new new single The Miracle of (Joey Ramone).

So now, didn't we tell you it was good?