In the middle of all the General Election and exit poll drama last night, 'The Tommy Tiernan Show' was something of an oasis of calm on TVs across the nation last night.

President Michael D. Higgins was the first guest on last night's show and, as you'd expect, he was every bit as considered, learned and warm as always. Discussing everything from the conflicting ideas of Aristotle and Plato, to how he's able to have a conversation on anything, President Higgins and Tiernan chatted themselves up a storm.

Not only that, President Higgins got in the gentlest of digs about "the neighbours" who may or may not be coming to visit Ireland in the near future, saying that "they've discovered greatness again", drawing huge laughs from the audience and Tiernan alike.

Beyond all that, what was clear from the audience and Twitter's reaction was that it really does speak to how good of a show it is that the President of Ireland is willing to turn up, unscripted, and go along with the premise of a free-flowing conversation.

Of course, it helps when you've got a President with a brain between his ears who's able to string together a few sentences without saying something stupid or making a fool of himself.

Take a look at this, for example. Could you imagine Donald Trump trying to get through a conversation like this? Could he f*ck.